Wind Uplift Trials for Green Roofs

Glenn Acomb, senior lecturer of landscape architecture, presented a lecture titledWind Uplift Trials for Green Roofs: Investigating Issues for Hurricane-Prone Florida.”

Acomb said that vegetated roofs are gaining acceptance for their benefits to stormwater, energy, heat island effect, biodiversity and urban agriculture. Yet, in Florida, their acceptance has been limited due to the absence of research to test their assembly and materials for acceptance within the Florida Building Code, he said.

Acomb also provided mid-term test results from a grant from the Florida Building Commission to two researchers from the University of Florida’s College of Engineering and the College of Design, Construction and Planning.

“What we’re beginning to see is that the plants are doing a good job of providing support, and the woven aspect of the plants are providing success,” Acomb said.

One Response to Wind Uplift Trials for Green Roofs

  1. Lexi Clark says:

    Green roofs are an amazing idea that have started to evolve in the United States rapidly within the last couple years. Although, having a green roof must be approved through building codes which most times is difficult. Thank for the article, I think the students are proving the importance of a great creation.

    Lexi Clark

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